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McDonough and Union City Homes

A house should suit your needs and provide lifelong comfort, so we build specifically to exceed your expectations and desires.

We are passionate about not just building a home, but developing a community that will last a lifetime.


Finding the perfect house can be a difficult journey, so we at Sunrise Builders are focused on providing our new  home buyers with assistance to simplify the process. This website will help provide insight on our company, our new  homes, and much more.


Our new  communities are located across McDonough, Henry County, Fairburn and Union City, each providing superior quality and a variety of price ranges designed to fit your budget. Our buyer's satisfaction is paramount and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our houses, our communities, and our staff represent the unparalleled quality that is Sunrise Builders.

What Makes a House a Home?

We believe that a home is more than just bricks and mortar, but that it requires something that cannot be bought or sold. It is a place that provides us with memories, shared experiences, comfort, and an escape from the outside world. A home is truly built by the people living inside it.


From the initial drafting of floor plans to the final coat of paint, we are dedicated to not just merely providing you with a beautiful house, but we are passionate about giving you the foundation for which to build a home.

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the home of your


Standard Features: The Kitchen

Providence Harbour Community

The look and feel of a home often reflects the personality and style of the owner; therefore, we consider it important for our Providence Harbour houses to exhibit impressive standard features. Every detail, inside and out, is architecturally and artistically crafted to provide you

with an atmosphere

of comfortable


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