3 Apps to Revolutionize the Way You Design Your Home

3 Apps to Revolutionize the Way You Design Your Home

We’re past the days of pouring through magazines and trying to visualize what your home could look like. Smartphone apps are changing the way we design our homes. Here are some of our favorites.

Homestyler Interior Design


Want to see what your room would look like with different furniture? Clear it out, take a picture, and upload it. Once you’ve done that you can choose from a wide variety of furniture choices on the app and start dropping 3D models into your own room. See what fits and what matches before spending the money.


Dulux Visualizer


There’s nothing worse than painting a wall and realizing you hate it after you’ve finished. Dulux Visualizer allows you to snap a photo of your room and use a virtual brush to start testing out on your own walls. Of course, lighting has a huge effect on what paint actually looks like in a room. No worries! You can order color testers straight from the Dulux app.




MagicPlan allows you to create professional floor plans and work estimates easily from your smartphone. Just take a photo, add objects and annotations, and MagicPlan does the rest of the work for you. Easily plan a layout for your home or office with this simple-to-use app.



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