Not Just for Looks: Why Homes are Built as They Are

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Not Just for Looks: Why Homes are Built as They Are

Have you ever wondered why your home is built the way it is? Or what the utility of having high ceilings is, or what the benefit of having a basement would be? It’s actually a fascinating history throughout the time that has lead us to build houses that are hitting record breaking sizes in build size and room size. What once started as round home designs has turned into game rooms and garages. Let’s take a look at why homes are built the way they are today.


According to the 2013 US Census Bureau, over 569,000 new homes were erected. Of those, almost 54% of them had two or more stories to accommodate growing needs for bigger features or larger families. Even 44% of the newly built homes had three or more bathrooms to accommodate the larger home plans. All of these increases in size are correlated to growing demand for more exciting features in one’s home and home builders are happy to accommodate.


Basements and cellars have been around since the middle ages. They serve as a foundational structure for many homes that are built in cold and warm areas. While not a complete necessity to a home build, they do provide extra storage for items like the home’s boiler, water heater, air conditioning system, or fuse box. They can also be used as extra living space in the home if the homeowner wants to expand their quarters. This can be done by finishing the basement or retrofitting it for complete, comfortable living space.


One of the greatest inventions and most useful things in our homes is indoor plumbing. A network of pipes, water, utility of function, and drainpipes, if it weren’t for indoor plumbing we wouldn’t have the ease of living like we do now. Plumbing allows us to have fresh drinking water, clean water for our showers, water for our toilets, and a properly irrigated home. Try camping for one week without all these things and realize just how important it is to have plumbing in our homes!

Roofs and Drainage Systems

Roofs serve one of the most important purposes of all: it provides protection and shelter from the elements like rain and snow, otherwise known as the most basic purpose of a home. Aside from storm weather, roofs also protect homeowners from sunlight, heat, cold, animals, and everything else that’s outside that shouldn’t be inside! Roofs are used for insulation from heat and cold, as well as drainage from the rain and melted snow. The primary function of a roof is to keep water out, so in order to do so many homes are built with slanted roofs with drainage along the rim.

Vaulted Ceilings

While not a necessity by any means, vaulted ceilings do add the illusion of a larger, though intangible, space. Once used in cathedrals in the middle ages for this very reason, homeowners and home builders choose to build vaulted ceilings or any ceiling that’s above 8-10feet, in their home designs for added depth and illusory space.  Another added bonus of high ceilings is the extra amount of natural light that’s allowed to spread throughout the room. It’s also an amazingly practical way of using unused attic space to redesign the interior of a house.

There are lots of reasons home builders continue to do what they do. If you’re in Georgia, Sunrise Builders can help you design the perfect home for your aesthetic and practical needs. Contact us today to get started on building the home of your dreams in Georgia!

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