Your Home’s Got Baggage, Get Rid of it

Your Home’s Got Baggage, Get Rid of it

Pinterest and HGTV have created incredible home décor goals for us all. Immaculate kitchens that sparkle, bathrooms that make the Ritz Carlton look plain and bedrooms that call our names to sleep just a little longer—all of these enticing photos encourage us to keep a tidy home, but even the best of us can’t keep up. Life happens, which often times means that clutter happens. Clutter can make a home look unkempt or dirty, so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to keep your new home gorgeous and even enviable. Soon people will be pinning your home photos as inspiration!

Out in the Open


Out in the open might not be what you expect to hear when talking about reducing clutter, but open shelving can actually reduce clutter and allow you to display some of your favorite things in a tidy way. Open shelving can be used in nearly any room in your home, but is most common in the kitchen and bathroom.

We all have those fancy, crystal wine glasses that we got as a wedding present or that never used China dish set. Why not put it on display? Line an unused wall with open shelves and display those rarely used dishes as art. They will create a subtly beautiful feature in the kitchen and help keep your cabinets clutter-free for new dishes, utensils and the less attractive kitchen tools and appliances.

The bathroom. Gross. We don’t want anyone to see our nightly topical treatments, toilet paper or gnarled toothbrush, so we use cute baskets to hide our unmentionables out in the open. Much like in the kitchen, you’ll display your bathroom items out in the open. The difference is the use of baskets, which help conceal yet are attractive, too. These are also great options for storing your kid’s toys in the bedroom or living room!

No One Wants to Be a Basket Case

Product from World Market

Product from World Market

Too much clutter in a home can cause serious stress, which can make us crazy! Luckily for us, baskets can eliminate 90 percent of clutter. With baskets being very on-trend right now, there are a million different designs: round, patterned, long, square, wide, solid colors, lids, no lids. You name it, there’s likely a basket designed just for you. This makes fitting into nearly any design scheme possible.

Baskets can be placed above kitchen cabinets to store vases that are rarely used, serve ware for parties, Tupperware and fancy napkins. The objective in using baskets in higher spaces is to focus on hiding less-used items. If you’re planning on using baskets in your office, your kid’s playroom or the bathroom, HGTV suggests making them accessible and putting in things like the TV remote, toys and travel-sized toiletries for your guests. Our personal favorite is a large wire basket lined with burlap to store extra pillows by the living room couch.

A Home Divided

A look into most women’s vanities exemplifies why dividers are a must to help declutter your home. Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms typically have the most amount of “stuff” that needs decluttered. Once you’ve utilized your baskets and open shelving, it’s time to look into your drawers. In the kitchen, this typically means dividing silverware into three groups and either putting larger baking and cooking utensils in another drawer or on display in a canister. If you’re feeling creative, try switching out the canister for an old farmhouse water bucket. Mason jars work well, too.

Now, open your nightstand and grab a divider. The remote, any books you have in there, glasses and your phone charger should all have their own space in your drawer. Not only does this minimize clutter, it makes it significantly easier to find whatever you’re looking for.

Hang it, Hide it, Get Rid of it

One essential part of decluttering is getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose. We are some of the biggest pack rats out there, but we also know that to have a neat home, we can’t keep everything we’ve ever owned since we were five. The easiest way to manage all your extra clutter is to dedicate fifteen minutes a day to tidying up. Get rid of things gradually so as not to overwhelm yourself. Little changes will make a big impact.

We’re not a particular fan of this one, but saying no to new items is also a great way to prevent clutter from overtaking your home. As much as you may love décor, constantly adding to your home is a surefire way to create clutter.

The last two solutions are to hang your clutter or hide it. With so many furniture pieces made with built in storage, it’s a no-branier. Add a cushion top bench to your entryway that can store rain coats, umbrellas, extra purses and rain boots out of sight. Ottomans in the living room can hide blankets, pillows, magazines, you name it. Utilize it.

If you are really desperate for more space, try hanging shoe organizers in your closet to get your shoes off the ground or in the bathroom to organize your makeup. You can also use this method in the kitchen to store your cleaning supplies on the back of the sink cabinet. Popular among farmhouse enthusiasts, nailing a board to the wall with mason jars affixed to it creates an elegant feel while storing your cotton balls and Q-tips. It’s all about creative uses of everyday items.

Your New Home

Ready to put these tips and tricks to the test in a new home? Contact us to learn more about our beautiful homes. We’d love to show you what our homes have to offer and why we’re known for being one of the best!


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