The You Factor: Adding Personalization to Your Home

The You Factor: Adding Personalization to Your Home

Congratulations! You’ve purchased your new home and have survived packing, the moving trucks and all the chaos that is moving. Now that you have moved in to your house, it’s time to unpack and infuse some you into your home. Adding your personal touches to the house truly makes it a home, and we’ve got some great tips on how to get there. After all, home is where the heart is; your home should have some heart put into it.


It’s Painting Time!

Painting is our number one go-to for injecting personal style into a home. There are a million paint colors out there and certainly one to match the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Not to mention, painting is incredibly cost-effective when compared to renovations. Adding paint to the interior or exterior of your house can quickly freshen up your home and convey who you are. Additionally, there are endless techniques to customize paint by applying different techniques, such as taping off stripes, stenciling, faux finishes, etc.

Are you a bold homeowner who wants to stand out on your block as the brightly-colored house? Or do you prefer a subtler look with a pop of color on the front door? Whatever your style, paint can help portray it. We suggest painting the exterior and shutters to complement each other or using paint to designate areas in your home.

Painting the interior of your house is much less of a time and financial commitment and can be changed much easier than the exterior. If you want to play with color every so often, painting the interior is the way to go. Soft sage tones can establish that spa-like feel you’re hoping to achieve in the bathrooms while adding murals to your kids’ walls is a fun and creative way to designate bedrooms.

Capture Memories

In the age of the selfie, we all have hundreds, if not thousands, of personal photos with our partner, families, pets and friends. Put these photos on display to create an instant homey feel. Houzz suggests doing this first, as this is the quickest way to make your house feel like a home.


Our homes offer a lot of great spaces to hang photos, but our favorite is along the staircase. Use varied frames (in the same color family) to create a striking display as you walk up and down the stairs.

If you’re camera shy or just need a few more ways to decorate your walls, consider hanging a bold piece of art in the living or dining room. Our taste in art is yet another way to show our personality without going overboard on color. Art can act as a focal point in a room, which allows for conversation around that piece of art. This conversation allows guests to get to know you even better. Win-win!

All in the Hardware

A subtle but fun way to infuse more personality throughout your home is to swap out the fixtures. Switch out the bedroom ceiling fan for a glamorous chandelier or add character with drawer handles that come in unique shapes and finishes. Whatever you do, just make it consistent. If you have ultra-modern kitchen drawer handles, your bathrooms should have something similar. These small swaps can make the world of difference.


Try refurbishing a vintage wardrobe and add crystal drawer handles to give it some sparkle and character. We also love the idea of vintage doorknobs. Keep in mind, this can go throughout the whole house and can include doorknobs, dresser drawer handles, towel racks, you name it.

Bringing the Outdoors to Life

We often overlook our yards as just places to grill out or let our dogs play, when, in fact, our yards have the capacity to be outdoor oases. Perhaps you like to entertain and an al fresco dining experience is what you’re looking for. Or maybe you prefer to enjoy the sun with a good book and a hammock. Whatever your fancy, don’t neglect to extend your home to the backyard. Houzz suggests using fire pits to entertain a laid back group, and they can be made to be rather attractive. Circle deck chairs around the fire pit and enjoy some s’mores!

Time to Buy?

Are you looking for a home that you can put your stamp on? If you are indeed ready to buy your dream home and add your personal touch, contact us to learn more about our beautiful homes. We’d love to be the canvas for your designs in your new home!

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